Nothing Exceeds Like Excess

Brian Faulkner

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Sunday 7/09/2023 @ 4:00PM - 6:00PM
Lubricated Goat Goats and the Men Who Ride Them Plays the Devil's Music Black Eye 1987
Factrix/Cazzaza Kick That Habit California Babylon Subterranean Records 1982; RIP Monte Cazzaza
Throbbing Gristle Zyklon B Zombies United 7" Industrial Records 1978
Zyklon B Zombies チクロンのテーマ Skull Minimum Table Stacks 2023; orig 1993
Chrome Nova Feedback Aliean Soundtracks Siren Records 1979
Come The Trenches Rampton Susan Lawly 2021; orig. Come Organization 1980 1
Wolf Eyes My Whole Life Dreams in Splattered Lines Disciples 2023
Rema Rema Feedback Song Wheel in the Roses 4AD 1980
Cabaret Voltaire Seconds to Late 7" Rough Trade 1980
Rump State Peak Bandwidth Retaliation Aesthetics no lagos musique 2023
Phew Feedback Tuning New Decade Mute 2022
CIA Debutante Sleepwalking Architect Down Willow Siltbreeze Records 2023
The Shadow Ring Horse-Meat Cakes Put the Music in It's Coffin Siltbreeze Records 1994
Michio Kadotani 青い再会 腐っていくテレパシーズ P.S.F. Records 1991
The Lloyd Pack Crossroads Mason Simulator I Can't Remember Digital Regress 2023
Hiiragi Fukuda Tokyo Delay My Turntable Is Slow Selection Records 2013
Usurabi Waves Outside Of The World An' archives 2023
Shizuka To the Sky III Concentric Circles 2023; orig. self-release 1997
Lavender Flu Her Smoke Rose Up Forever Assorted Promenades Mind Meld 2023
Slow Clarity The Man Who Owned The Sky Holding Pattern Ramble Records/Echodelick Records 2023
David Nance Faded Love (Doug Sahm and Band Self-released 2017
Brother JT The Way Vibralux Bedlam 1994
Thin White Rope Thing Moonhead Frontier 1987