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Friday 9/08/2023 @ 12:00AM - 2:00AM
Barnett, Courtney Turning Green Things Take Time, Take Time Marathon Artists, Milk! Records, Mom + Pop 2021
Green, Colleen It's Nice to Be Nice Cool Hardly Art 2021
Henry's Dress (You're My) Radio One Henry's Dress Slumberland 1995
Artsick Look Again Fingers Crossed Slumberland 2022
Furman, Ezra & The Harpoons My Soul Has Escaped from My Body Banging Down the Doors Minty Fresh 2007
Lower Dens Nova Anthem Nootropics Ribbon Music 2012
Tribe 8 All I Can Do Fist City Alternative Tentacles 1995
Niblett, Scout Can't Fool Me Now It's Up to Emma Drag City 2013
Cypher in the Snow Circus Amongus Blow Away the Glitter Diamonds Stolen from the Crown Candy-Ass 1997
Valley Queen Boiling Water Supergiant Roll Call Records 2018
Sister George Rococo Subversive Drag King Outpunk 1995
of Montreal 20th Century Schizofreindic Revengoid-Man UR FUN Polyvinyl 2020
The Frogs La Da Da Da, La Da Da Dee, La Da Da Dum Dum Bananimals 4 Alarm Records 1999
Hunx Always Forever Hairdresser Blues Hardly Art 2012
Fifth Column Schizocrush 36c K 1994
Veronica Falls Everybody's Changing Waiting For Something To Happen Slumberland 2013
Excuse 17 Nervousness Never Fades Such Friends Are Dangerous Kill Rock Stars 1995
Vivian Girls Dance (If You Wanna) Share The Joy Polyvinyl 2011
Spiderbait Monty The Unfinished Spanish Galleon of Finley Lake Polydor 1995
Pansy Division The Summer You Let Your Hair Grow Out Wish I'd Taken Pictures Lookout!; Mint 1996
Bettie Serveert This Thing Nowhere Palomine Matador 1992
Velocity Girl Candy Apples Copacetic Sub Pop 1993
PJ Harvey Ecstasy 4-Track Demos Island 1993
Team Dresch Yes I Am Too, But Who Am I Really? Captain My Captain Chainsaw; Candy-Ass 1996
Veruca Salt Fly American Thighs Minty Fresh; DGC 1994
Phranc Surfer Dyke Pal Goofy Foot Kill Rock Stars 1994
Babes in Toyland Angel Hair Painkillers Reprise 1993
Ani DiFranco Little Plastic Castle Little Plastic Castle Righteous Babe 1998