DJ Killed the Video Star


Featuring one hour of electronic followed by one hour of funk/r&b/soul!



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MP3 320kbps, broadband

Friday 7/28/2023 @ 12:00AM - 2:00AM
Tatira Specter Ghosts of Fall River Inam 2019; also used during air breaks for first hour
Sinéad O'Connor Thank You for Hearing Me Universal Mother Ensign; Chrysalis 1994
Korvez I Had a Dream, but I Cannot Explain It Cosmos Quark Records, Ultrascene Entertainment 2023
Jimi Tenor Beach Boy Organism 1999
Röyksopp Remind Me (Ernest St. Laurent Moonfish Mix) Melody A.M. 2001
Khan You Like to Party? Who Never Rests Tomlab 2007
Rainbow Arabia Let Them Dance (Brenmar Remix) Kabukimono Manimal Vinyl Records 2009
Debby Friday Hot Love Good Luck Sub Pop 2023
Dorian Electra Sodom & Gomorrah 2023
Trigger10d Most People Don't Forget (Undertone) 2004
Walker, Summer Reciprocate Still Over It Interscope, LVRN 2021
McFerrin, Madison Unwise You + I EP Self-Released 2019
Les Nubians Insomnie One Step Forward Virgin 2003
Forella, Ron Wild & Wonderful Moves! Luv n' Haight 2012; also used during air breaks in the second hour
Rayford, Sugaray Is It Just Me Somebody Save Me Forty Below 2019
Son Little Bbbaby Aloha Anti- 2020
Niia Oh Girl (feat. 9m88) If I Should Die Self-Released 2021
Forsman, Ina Dive All There Is Jazzhaus 2022
Honne Feels So Good Love Me / Love Me Not Atlantic 2018
Moon, Eli Any Little Moment Bodies Meridian 2019
Brown, Kofy Soul Rock Soul Rock Simba Music 2008