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I'll play an episode of an old time radio science fiction show - "Dimension X". The well known episode was aired on 08.15.50 and is entitled "The Martian Chronicles" written by Ray Bradbury. My weekly top ten list will focus on "activites" most people do not enjoy doing but pretty much need to do. Next will be some mythology based in Turkey and various parts of Siberia. The demise of the pay phone/phone booths will be covered as well as the connection Superman had/has with the phone booth - Superman and the phone booth have been immortalized in a range of merchandise such as statues, figurines, metal containers, posters, and even salt and pepper shakers. Akin to the vanishing phone booths,the dissapeaing act of the drive in movie theater will be covered. The history of the Rocky & Bullwinkle show will be discussed. The slums that sprawl across cities such as Dhaka, Bangledesh, Nairobi, Kenya and Port-a-Prince, Haiti will be delved into.If time permits, I'll narrow in on the difference between slums and ghettos.



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Monday 7/24/2023 @ 12:00AM - 2:00AM
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