He Hates Music He Loves Noise

Robin Redbeast

you listen to me, not the other way around


Borecore & Impressionistic Soundscapes & Noise & Non Music & Old Music & Retirement House

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Tuesday 8/22/2023 @ 8:00PM - 10:00PM
Nudge Squidfish Stray Dog Early Squid Spacecase
Burnt Envelope Somebody Help Me I'm Immature: The Singles Vol. II HoZac for Chones
Load Lumberjack Death Luge (ballad of the Son of Crusher) Lumberjack Death Luge (ballad of the Son of Crusher) 7"
Karp Lorch-Miller Suplex K
Timmy's Organism Fly Your Red Flags Lone Lizard Sweet Time
Shove it I Don't Like You No Comply
Men's Recovery Project You Pay Attention to me, not Vice Versa Botanica Mysteria Kill Rock Stars
Violence Creeps Sex Dwarf The Gift of Music Total Punk Soft Cell Cover
Rubber Blanket Larry's Dream Our Fault Mt.St.Mtn.
XDS Bicycle Ripper Bicycle Ripper Mt.St.Mtn. aka Experimental Dental School
System Exclusive Paint the Town Party All the Time Mt.St.Mtn.
Electric Eels Accident Accident b/w Wreck & Roll HoZac
Neon Leon Heart of Stone 1979-84 Singles Collection HoZac, HoZac Archival
Cindy Earthly Belonging Why Not Now? Mt.St.Mtn. Feat. fmr KDVS DJ ANdy Pastalaniec
Horsegirl Billy Versions of Modern Performance Matador current indie darlings
Defectors Burning Light Emergency Room v/a Nominal
The Wake Pale Spectre Young Popular & Sexy v/a Factory
Glen Branca x2 + John Cage The Spectacular Commodity Interview Fugue The Ascencion & Indeterminate Activity of Resultant Masses featuring Wim Mertons
Wiese, John Magnetic Stencil Magnetic Stencil 1 Gilgongo & also 2 & 3
Auto Da Fe Into the White Forest West Coast Post Asiatic