He Hates Music He Loves Noise

Robin Redbeast

Bloody Jellies


Borecore & Impressionistic Soundscapes & Noise & Non Music & Old Music & Retirement House

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Tuesday 6/27/2023 @ 8:00PM - 10:00PM
Rudimentary Peni Bloody Jellies Farce
Brak Institutionalized Dr Demento Covered in Punk v/a
Runaway Wiener Dog Falcon Limp Here Be Monsters
Motorhead Overkill No Sleep At All
Laibach Geburt Einer Nation Opus Dei Queen Cover (check out the video)
Jonathan X & Black Heat Retroactive The Dog That Wouldn't Die v/a CIA
Poison 13 Down Town I Ain't Superstitious Estrus
Mad I Hate Music Killed By Death: Rare Punk 77-82 v/a RedruM Records
Field Marshall Reverend Dr. Fred Lane With Ron Pate's Debonaires Upper Lip of a Nostril Man The Dog That Wouldn't Die v/a
Grindin' Teeth Red Star The Dog That Wouldn't Die v/a cd messed up!
Rubber Blanket New Garbage Truck New Garbage Truck b/w Pedestrian Walkway Spacecase
The Estate Owns the Ghost Show Anything, Everything Build a Church with Debris Baskervinyl
Bardo Pond Absence IMPREC300 v/a Important Records
Anderson Council Apathy in the U.S.A. The Dog That Wouldn't Die v/a
Master Musicians of Bukkake Iron Age Nativity/Black Moss Invocation IMPREC300 v/a
Last Exit Sore Titties Cassette Recordings 87
Peter Brotzmann Octet Machine Gun Machine Gun Unheard Music
Butthole Surfers The One I Love Double Live
Butthole Surfers Jimi Double Live
Peter Brötzmann / Keiji Haino Duo The beginning or the end which will be the first to admit its opponent? The intellect given birth to here (eternity) is too young https://brotzmannhainoduo.bandcamp.com/album/the-intellect-given-birth-to-here-eternity-is-too-young