The Pharmacy




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Tuesday 6/27/2023 @ 6:00PM - 7:00PM
Screaming Trees Time For Light Uncle Anesthesia Epic 1991
Flowertown Buttercream Half Yesterday Paisley Shirt 2022
Constant Smiles Run To Stay Paragons Sacred Bones 2021
Ovlov Half Way Fine Tru Exploding In Sound 2018
Cherubs Fist In the Air 7" single Brutal Panda 2015
Melkbelly Sickeningly Teeth Pith Waxnine 2020
Dinosaur Jr. Repulsion Dinosaur Merge 1985
Come Hurricane Near Life Experience Matador 1996
Forest Circles Fever Dream 7" Single Self-Release 2022
Go With Strangers Ritchie Sacramento Digital Single Self-Release 2021
Pale Saints Throwing Back The Apple In ribbons 4AD 1992
Purple Heart Parade Petrichor Desolation Angel EP Club AC30 2019
Rev Rev Rev Clutching The Apple Kykeon Fuzz Club 2019
Ride Dreams Burn Down Nowhere Creation 1990
Aeon Station Hold On Observatory Sub Pop 2021