The Top Shelf

DJ Triple Sec

Final Show of the summer for DJ Triple Sec. See y'all in the Fall!


Ambient & Avant Garde & Black Metal & Drone

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MP3 320kbps, broadband

Tuesday 8/22/2023 @ 4:00AM - 6:00AM
Have a Nice Life Waiting for Black Metal Records in the Mail Deathconsciousness INTRO
Bull of Apis Bull of Bronze What Awaits Us (A Void is But An Open Mouth) Offerings of Flesh and Gold
Batushka Ектения • I • Очищение Litourgiya
Heavenfield Sun Shines Upon the Barrows Heavenfield
Fauna Soaring in Earth Avifauna Background During Backwrap
Kaatayra Dundararaiê Inparaquipe
Ved Buens Ende Carrier of Wounds Written in Waters
Dodheimsgard Sonar Bliss 666 International
Palace of Worms Winterbird CABAL
Fauna Syrinx Avifauna Background During Backwrap
Imperial Triumphant Chernobyl Blues Vile Luxury
Bliss Signal Floodlight Bliss Signal
Zeal and Ardor Don't You Dare Stranger Fruit
Fauna The Harpy Avifauna Background During Backwrap
Spectral Lore The Spiral Fountain III
Alda Scattered on the Wind Alda
Varier ezra varier Estonian Snow