The Fry-Flight


Prog-Rock... the bread and butter of your father's generation. A glamorous movement breaking free from mainstream time-signatures and song structure; it's what makes you feel you may have been a few decades late in your conception. Fear not, watch Midnight in Paris and marinate in my mix of songs given to me from countless purists on Reddit, the father figures in my development, a few Prog Rock Palace picks and our wonderful stacks! Please let your lava lamp warm up and fill your water bed before listening.



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Tuesday 8/15/2023 @ 2:00AM - 4:00AM
Martin Orford Endgame The Old Road
Yes Love Will Find a Way Big Generator
Rush The Spirit of Radio Permanent Waves RIP Neil Peart
King Crimson I Talk to the Wind In the Court of the Crimson King
Supertramp Bloody Well Right (Live at Pavillion Paris 1979) Paris
Rush Fly by Night Fly by Night
Blue Oyster Cult Veteran of the Psychic Wars Fire of Unknown Origin
Genisis Firth of Fifth Selling England by the Pound Guess the Singer
Opeth Soldier of Fortune Soldier of Fortune
Anthony Phillips God if I Saw Her Now Soldier of Fortune
Yes Changes 90125
Opeth Windowpane Damnation
Blue Oyster Cult Then came the Last Days of May Blue Oyster Cult
Sui Generis Rasguna las Piedras Confesiones De Invierno
Pink Floyd Pigs (Three Different Versions) Animals No more Gilmore for the quarter :(
Focus House Of The King In And Out Of Focus
The Flower Kings The Wailing Wall Desolation Rose
Oblivion Sun March of the Mushroom Men The High Places From Prog Rock Palace
Alice Cooper Steven Welcome to My Nightmare
Jethro Tull Locomotive Breath Aqualung Name a better Rockstar flautist
Wishbone Ash Warrior Argus