The Fry-Flight


My first show! The second show of the new quarter for KDVS Davis. The station has a specific musk under the Freeborn Hall, years of Disk Jockeys and dusty records in the stacks make for a subtle sweet aroma that wofts in anytime a door is opened on the premisis, something between a mild fabric softener and wet cardboard.  


The playlist this week was some deep cuts of various artists in funk, blues, psych-rock and alt-rock. A few were taken from my time listening to KZSC Santa Cruz, others from various parties and record shops in the monterey bay. Hope it scratches that itch deep down in your cerebellum. Thank you to DJ Fringe for doing damage control for the first half and DJ Stick Pony for keeping me company at the wee hours of the early morning. 



Missed the Show?

MP3 320kbps, broadband

Tuesday 6/20/2023 @ 2:00AM - 4:00AM
Melody's Echo Chamber Quand Vas tu Rentrer? Melody's Echo Chamber Kevin Parker's produced this when they were dating (5/4 time)
Songs: Ohia This time anything finite at all Impala
The Pixies Wave of Mutilation Live in Davis '04 Freeborn Hall Tribute, Stacks Find
Pavement Terror Twilight Folk Jam
Neutral Milk Hotel The King of Carrot Flowers pt. 1 In the Aeroplane over the sea
The Flaming Lips Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots pt. 1 Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots Team Yoshimi
Beachwood Sparks Ponce de Leon Blues Make the Cowboy Robots Cry Awesome Stacks Find
Beulah Score for Augusta When your heart strings break DJ Fringe pick
Pink Floyd Wots uh the deal obscured by clouds
Paper Tulips Scribble Insects
Kikagaku Moyo Nazo Nazo Masana temple
Unwound Arboretum New Plastic Ideas DJ Fringe pick
Kikagaku Moyo Hem Children Forest of the Lost Children DJ Fringe pick
Rodriguez Jane S. Piddy Cold Fact
Neil Diamond Cracklin Rosie Tap Root Manuscript Skate 3 Soundtrack
Brian Jonestown Massacre Anemone Tepid Peppermint Wonderland
Echo and the Bunnymen The Killing Moon Ocean Rain
Vulfpeck Wait for the Moment My first Car
Allah-las Raspberry Jam Raspberry Jam
Dorothy Ashby Come live with me Afro-Harping 50's, stylized harp as an improv instrument
Hawkwind Hurry on Sundown Hawkwind
The Rah Band Messages from the stars Past present future
Happyness Naked Patience Weird little birthday
Booker T. and the M.G.'s Behave Yourself Green Onions