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Darkwave & Electronic & Retro & Synthwave

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Thursday 5/25/2023 @ 6:00PM - 8:00PM
Karl Vincent Midnight Vice Sundown Mavericks Self Released
Runaway Droid Reflections II Sing Self Released
Stilz Remember Me RX-81 New Retro Wave
2DCAT Somebody to Hold Single Self Released
Neutron Solstice Shelter (Ashen Bone Remix) Self​-​Titled EP Remixes by New Miserable Experience Self Released
Ace Buchannon Come Alive (feat. Anna Moore) THE VERY BEST OF Record Club
Mr. Creep Hyperdrive (feat. Glean FoxX) OUTRUN IS DEAD Record Club
Axion Mission: Infiltrate Superior Firepower Record Club
Phaserland MotherBoard Fire (feat. Miami Nights 1984) Heart Plaza Record Club
Volt Age Volt's Age Volt Age Record Club
M. Zi Drone Attack RISE OF HEROES Record Club
Peter Zimmermann Out-o-Bahn THROUGH THE NIGHT Record Club
UniBe@t CAROUSEL (feat. Smoke On The Horizon) WORKING MEMORIES Record Club
vhstokyo Hearts re: hello, goodbye Record Club
ALPHA ROOM Macrowave // ALPHA ROOM // Record Club
Terra Genesis Symphony 32X Aurorium Record Club
Abakus Venture Dreamscapes Modus Recordings
Roberto Montoya Void Surrender Self Released
Invids The broken mirage Second generation of planetary engineering Self Released
Staeppanwulf Into the Abyss Stellium Self Released