Black Mass

Lady Grey

Three of Cups Art Show

Feb 14 6 PM · Broad Room (SAC)

TransGress Fest Sacramento

Feb 14 7 PM · Cafe Colonial (SAC)

Sisters of Mercy vs Bauhaus

Feb 14 9:30 PM · Cat Club SF

Club Necromancy ★ Goth Prom ★ A Night Of Elegance And Romance

Feb 15 9 PM · Club Necromancy (SAC)

New Wave City "New Romantic Night" Sat Feb 15

Feb 15 9 PM · Cat Club SF

Sacramento Audio Waffle #63

Feb 16 12 PM · The Red Museum (SAC)

Horror Movie Trivia - Vampire Edition

Feb 20 6:30 PM · Frankenwaffle (SAC)

Club Séance: Marc Almond & New Romantics Night

Feb 22 9 PM · Club Séance (SAC)

John Waters “This Filthy World” tour 2020

Feb 28 7:30 PM · Crest Sacramento



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Thursday 2/13/2020 @ 8:00PM - 10:00PM
Klaus Nomi Valentines Day
Psychic TV Just Drifting
Legendary Pink Dots I Love You In Your Tragic Beauty
Coil Loves Secret Domain
Neon Judgement Voodoo Nipplefield
Frankie Goes to Hollywood Welcome to The Pleasure Dome
Marc Almond I'm Coming
Depeche Mode A Question of Time
Nina Hagen I Love Paul
He Said A.B.C Dicks Love