he hates music he loves noise

Robin Redbeast

let's see where this goes


Borecore & Impressionistic Soundscapes & Notmusic & Old Music & Retirement House & Skunch

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Tuesday 10/01/2019 @ 10:00PM - 12:00AM
Bowie Helden Heroes Chante en Francais
Wolfmanhattan Project Toynbee Tile Blues Blue Gene Stew In the Red
Tad Ritual Device daisy/Ritual Device 7" sub pop
Electric Eels Accident Accident b/w Wreck & Roll HoZac
Oceans Of The Moon I'm on a Roll Oceans Of The Moon Castle Face fmr mems of 6FS
Priors Destroyer Call For You EP Slovenly
Heavy Metal Underground Agent TooOz 4 I.T. Total Punk
Unholy Two Zero Tolerance The Pleasure To End All Pleasures 12XU
Trashies, The Bug Smoker Space Jam Minor Bird / 24/7 Industries
Watusi Zombie Happa No Rappa Split 7" w/ Bipolar Bear Kill Shaman
Bipolar Bear Bangers & Mash Manbase Labil
Taiwan Housing Project Charitable Fiend Sub-Language Trustees Ever/Never
Preening T SHirt Gang Laughter Digital Regress
Chrome Informations New Age
Chrome New Age New age
Glass Eye Satellite of Love Satellite of Love
Anxious Power Want Me Anxious Power Autorelease
Japanese breakfast + Tears for Fears Head over Pale Mother's Talk W records + Japanese brekkie
tears for Fears, Ltd Under the Mother's talk (extended) Flowers of Romance
TransFX Everybody's Famous Gaslit Jokers Got A Posse
Terrine Banabila Dub Cheat Days Bruit Direct Disques
Yoko Ono I Love You Earth Warzone Chimera Music
The Shadow Ring Lifesavers Lighthouse
Sleeper And Snake Royal Filth Junction & High Aarght!
Stefan Christensen & Friends Illustraition I Unknown Fortune C/Site