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Holiday Special

Hi NRG Hot Mess Mix

Personal picks, some home vinyl, hella messy, vibes all over the place


Vocab word of the week is ḫ̵̃o̴̰̍t̸͉͗ ̷̳̈́m̴̯͐e̶̱̊s̶͇̋ș̵͑


Electro & New Wave & Synth Pop

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Thursday 7/11/2019 @ 1:00PM - 2:30PM
Tapps Runaway with my Love Power Records single, 1986
Mike Mareen Double Trouble (remix) single, 1986
Waterfront Home Take a Chance on Me New Breed of Mermaid Bobcat Records Bobby O and Christina Criscione (of The Flirts)
Shezoray The Night Power Records single, 1986
Patrick Cowley feat. Sylvester Do Ya Wanna Funk? Megatone Records single, 1982
The Flirts Helpless (club version) Telefön Records single, 1984
Divine Hey You! (full and frantic mix) ZYX Records single, 1987
Lisa Rocket to your Heart Moby Dick Records single, 1983
My Mine Hypnotic Tango Progressive Records single, 1983
Alisha All Night Passion (club mix) Alisha Vanguard 1985
Mr. Flagio Take a Chance Squish single, 1983
Trilogy Not Love Il Discotto Productions single, 1982