mahou shoujo

Dr. Kelp

brief break from the 坂本龍一 sakamoto ryuuichi fest to play summer shoegaze!



Fantastical & Phantasmagorical

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Tuesday 8/13/2019 @ 8:00PM - 10:00PM
honeydip boy meets girl groovy indian summer embyro
luminous orange braque's bird soar, kiss the moon parallelogram (space shower?)
nanocycle moving fastball something burning abcdefg*
cruyff in the bedroom neroblu hate me only feedback
oeil blurred lights myrtle
17歳とベルリンの壁 反響室 reflect
my dead girlfriend incarnation of pessimism hades n_ingen
shojoskip kamome cosodorokitsune
clams sunlight yellow sakura river
pasteboard starcharts glitter abcdefg*
lucy's drive rise under flower nation under flower
al van she's coming drop* drop*
hartfield a sorrowful heartland true color, true lie + l.i.b.r.a. & more
burrrn picture story show artistic construction and destruction
maikotobranco hate my way grey sky
paperbaglunchbox 水中旅行 ベッドフォンタウン
溶けない名前 カルピスちゃん タイムマシンがこわれるまえに
tron caldwell big wednesday 80's
coaltar of the deepers amethyst the visitors from deepspace
mash waves and singing voices our music lab