Wow that's crazy

dj wallflower & youthful scoob

youthfulscoob slept in for the show!! so just djwallflower  bringin the jams today w special guest star dj snowflake (Zair Khan)!!!! (listen to across the aisle every friday 9:00-9:30 am!) 



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Thursday 5/16/2019 @ 6:00AM - 7:00AM
Negative Gemini You Weren't There Anymore Bad Baby
Deerhunter Helicopter Halycon Digest
Still Woozy, Omar Appolo Ipanema Lately new song from still woozy's newest ep!
The Convenience On My Way On My Way/Tamarin
Against All Logic Know You 2012 - 2017
Reptaliens 666Bus FM-2030
Inner Wave Mushroom Mushroom new song!
Crumb Ghostride Ghostride new song!
Hooded Fang Wasteland Gravez
Sound of Ceres Dagger Only Run Nostalgia for Infinity ceres is the largest asteroid in the asteroid belt! AND the roman god for art n literature!!
Summer Salt My Lucky Egg My Lucky Egg new song!
The Grinns Let the Days Go Let the Days Go new song AND will be playing at ormf!
Jerry Paper Love, Still Love Big Pop for Chameleon World
Kid Bloom Sugarcoat Sugarcoat