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I opened the Prog basket and was delighted to find some of my favorite prog ingredients. ELP, PFM, Triumvrat, and IQ will combine to get the project started. I will try to spice these up with new music from Dilemma and Eden in Progress. And, as usual, an Improbably Proggy trak to throw into the mix from Alice Cooper. Questions, comments and suggestions to


Progressive Rock

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Saturday 1/12/2019 @ 12:00PM - 2:00PM
Focus All Together...Oh That Mother Focus EMI
Triumvirat Spartacus Spartacus Harvest
PFM Photos of Ghosts Photos of Ghosts RCA English lang. version of Per un amico
ELP Karn Evil 9 Brain Salad Surgery Manticore Emerson Computer voice
Pete Sinfield Still Stillusion Manticore ELP, PFM Lyrici
IQ Somewhere in Time Subterrania Inside Out 2 Disk set
Darwin's Radio Lapse of Sensation Eyes of the World
Eden in Progress The Witness From a single self released
Dilemma The Inner Darkness Random Acts of liberation Butler Records Prod. Rich Mouser
Spock's Beard I Know Your Secret Brief Nocturnes and Dreamless Sleep Inside Out Prod. Rich Mouser
Cairo Cosmic Approach Time of Legends Magna Carta
Alice Cooper Halo of Flies Killer Warner Bros.
Silhouette Symphony Pt.3 The World is Flat and Other Alternate Facts Progress Rec.