The 6th Dimension


Holiday Special filling in for Opal.

Wish her best of luck at her presentation!


In background: Saxana (The Girl on the Broomstick) OST. 



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Thursday 3/28/2019 @ 9:30AM - 10:30AM
Wave Garden II Savage Math Floating Chalice Industries (2018)
Lana Del Rabies Reign Shadow//World Deathbomb Arc (2018)
Parousia Mortification of the Spirit II Mortification of the Spirit Self Released (2019)
Replikants Centuries of Persecution Won't Stop Us This is Our Message
Various Artists Meow Meow Black Pussification: A Compilation of Experimental Cat Music No Part of It Track by Mini Mutations (2018)
Bulbs/Wobbly Wobbly Split 7" Ache song: Tiny Tounge
People Like Us Ursula Fahrt Ski Recyclopaedia Britanica Mess Media
Machito & Miguelito Valdes Bim Bam Boom Música Cubana. 200 Canciones