Sub Zero


Good evening. Welcome to the Sub Zero show where the first hour is modern and classic instrumental surf music and the second hour is psych, indie, rock, etc.

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530-754-KDVS (5387)


Thanks for listening to where the music is so “cool” it’s Sub Zero.


Psychedelic & Rock & Surf

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Friday 1/11/2019 @ 6:00PM - 8:00PM
The Tiki Creeps Bottom Feeder Idol Worship
The New Dimensions Totalled The Best Of The New Dimensions Sundazed
The Surfin' Surfers East Link Surfers' Surf from Dublin, Ireland
The Surfin' Surfers The Hearse Surfers' Surf from Dublin, Ireland
The Madeira Prelude To Launch Ancient Winds Double Crown 2015
The Huevus Rancheros Huevosaurus Huevosaurus EP (1992)
Daikaiju Attack of The Crab Women Daikaiju
The Funicellos Tejava Beach from Sacramento
The Spytones Surfing Salzburg Cont #22
Green Day Espionage Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me Soundtrack Reprise
Secret Agent peter Gunn Theme PEDRO PISTOLA PI√ĎATA PARTY (EP 2017) from Mexico City
The Moonrays Shaken Not Stirred from Grand Rapids, MIchigan
The Zombiles Care Of Cell 44 request from Loomis
The Surf Zombies Candyass Cont #22
The Satans Surf Rat
The Grande Boys Meltdown Cont #22
The Me Gustas Summer Summer at The Blue Lamp 1/16
The Me Gustas Endless Blue Summer at The Blue Lamp 1/16
The Me Gustas Cruising Home At Sunset Summer at The Blue Lamp 1/16
Dog Party Bad Dream Hit & Run (2018), from Sacramento at The Blue Lamp 1/16
Honyock Romeo Casanova El Castillo (2018), from Sacramento at The Blue Lamp 1/16
The Gutter Daisies Let me Out Social Insecurity (2017), from LA at The Blue Lamp 1/16
Ruby Haunt Destroyer Nevada (2017) from L.A.
Robin Trower Rise Up Like The Sun (live) Living Out Of Time 2005
Foxes In Fiction Ontario Gothic Ontario Gothic
Sonic Jesus Triumph Neither Virtue Nor Anger
For Against Coalesced Love You
Be Forest I.O. 7" from Italy
Bethany Curve Mot Juste Skies A Crossed Sky Unit Circle Rekkids from Santa Cruz
Heaters Gum Drop Holy Wading Pool Beyond Beyond Is Beyond 2015, from Grand Rapids, MIchigan
Leather Girls I Never Loved Her Leather Girls Yippee Ki Yay 2017, from San Francisco
L.A.Witch Drive My Car L.A.Witch Suicide Squeeze
The Wangs Princess Lee In Surf We Trust