It's Not A Phase

DJ Moth

dreamy? distorted? this is mostly what i've been into lately. not so crisp sounds. 



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Tuesday 2/12/2019 @ 1:00AM - 2:00AM
Drop Nineteens (Plus Fish Dream)
Drop Nineteens Delaware
La Dispute FOOTSTEPS AT THE POND i used to be super into la dispute when i was a lil emo kid. (meme about la dispute tattoo) theyve changed their sound a bit, just to include a bit more synth/electronics, but they still only do spoken word
Hippy Johnny You Can't Run Forever
Soft Kill Whirl
Nothing I Hate The Flowers i'm super into this band right now, like their sound is exactly what im into at the moment
Balance and Composure Is It Too Much To Adore? ^
Brand New Degausser amazing album!
Turnover New Scream (Live)
Have A Nice Life Bloodhail
Astronoid I Wish I Was There While The Sun Set
Tears Run Rings Helios Heliadae
Brand New Can't Get It Out