Sleepy Wakey


Overwhelmed by all the great shows coming up this month? I'll help you decide by playing some of my favorite local bands who are playing in the area this fortnight! Sleepy Wakey returns Monday May 28 (penultimate show of the season).



Missed the Show?

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Monday 5/14/2018 @ 2:30PM - 4:30PM
The Losing Kind Loser (single) Vacaville
Wayne Jetski In Front of Your Friends Happy Holidays/Am I Stressing You Out? Woodland/Sacramento
Triggered Heart One More Chance S/T EP SF
Lucky/You Number 45 Comic Sans Smut Placerville
False Freedom RoBoT (single) Sonora
The Baddest Beams Weird Anime Pt. 2 Weird Anime Pt. 2 Sacramento
Grave Lake Pastoral EP II Sacramento
Captain Cutiepie Brain Damage First EP Sacramento
Grumpster Splat Head Grumpster//Slumped Split Oakland
Lavender Scared The Order of Things mask4mask EP East Bay
The Igors We're All Gonna Die (single) Sacramento
Clouds Rest This Space S/T EP Oakhurst
Max Breakfast Chowder's Lament Pallid and Listless Sacramento
Epsilona Trance Thinkers Sacramento
Blue Oaks To Be Kind Is Sin To Be Kind Is Sin Sacramento
Sacto StoryTellers V.A.S.O.S. V.A.S.O.S. Sacramento
Milk for the Angry Make Like an Animal Make Like an Animal SF
The Garden Who Am I Going To Share All This Wine With? Mirror Might Steal Your Charm Orange County
Sloome No Harm Done (Heck) I Wish You Twice As Much Modesto
Boss' Daughter All That I Know Sleep Reno
KatgrĆ¼vs Summertime in Suburbia Summertime in Suburbia/The Deedle-Leedle Song EP Davis
Red White Elephant Hello (single) Davis
The Atom Age Hot Shame Hot Shame Oakland
SPUN Family Tradition Apologetically Honest Chico
Fake It Preservatives Gray Matters Sacramento
Riot Radio Don't Try Us So Are We Sacramento
The Beings Catchin' Eyes (single) Sacramento
The Tortured I Feel Alone Bottom of the Bay SF
The O'Mulligans Textual Criticism Meh Sacramento
Like Roses Dressed Closure Berkeley
Destroy Boys No Respect Sorry, Mom Sacramento
Lightweight Round Trip S/T EP Sacramento