Apartment 5

baby d

my dudes.

it's yr man

baby d

bringing you a v


v unexpected


day edition of

the v.

grab yr umbrellas

grab yr parkas

the jams don't stop y'all.


<3 baby d



Altrock & General Monday Morning Vibes & Indiepop & Shoegaze & Twee

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Monday 4/16/2018 @ 9:30AM - 12:00PM
Pleasure House Perfect Summer
Red Harvest Heaven Strange Aftermath 1989
Postal Blue You Should Keep It To Yourself Eponymous Cloudberry 2008
Standard Fare Secret Little Sweetheart The Noyelle Beat Melodic 2010
C Memi Heavenly Peace Heavenly Peace Fairy 1983
Material Issue Valerie Loves Me Issue 1 Polydor 1992
Hairband Flying Glasgow Nights Money Advice Scotland 2018
Weekend Hazel Red Slumberland 2011
Nothing Vertigo Flowers Tired of Tomorrow Relapse 2016
The April Skies A Lifetime In the Sun Picnic in Heaven Cloudberry 2007
Math and Physics Club Baby I'm Yours Baby I'm Yours Matinee 2007
Scrabbel Pillowint Scrabbel Kittridge 2002
The Candie Maids Threadbare Sexy Flexi Sexy Flexi 1987
Bodyheat Talk It Over Bodyheat Heavy Rapid 2015
Big White Right Before Everything Dies Street Talk bigwhite.bandcamp.com 2018
Mirrors Over Kiev Different Girl Different Girl Playtime 1988
Holiday Flyer Out of Here I Hope Darla 2002
The Softies Favorite Shade of Blue Holiday in Rhode Island K 2000
Fugu Here Today Here Today 2 Feet 2007
The Church Now I Wonder Why Seance Parlophone 1983
Shine! Ladybird Shine! Cloudberry 2015
Itchy Bugger La Vida Es Un Freak Done One Low Company 2018
The Mai 68s Lead Me to a Quiet Cell Histoire Du Guerilla Urbain Mint 400 2010
The Celestial Daffodils It's Hard Yesterday Follows You - A Fieberkurve Compilation Fieberkurve 1996
Orange Cake Mix When The Sky Was Falling Down on You Something Cool Cher Doll 1997
Moped Vague
Ostrich Cult Skymmingsland
Pale Sunday My Punk Girl
Dune Blue Boy
Modern Charms When We Get There
Ida Dream Date
Honeyuck Wasted Eyes
The Pastels Boats