Sleepy Wakey


It's the last Sleepy Wakey of the winter season! Here's part two of my "best of," my favorite local/local-ish bands that've been playing in the Greater Sacramento area this year. Next time you'll hear from me will be Monday, April 2 from 2:30 to 4:30 PM (that's right, we're graduating to the afternoon!) and every other week thereafter.



Missed the Show?

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Wednesday 3/28/2018 @ 7:00AM - 8:00AM
Lucky/You Number 45 Comic Sans Smut Placerville
The Igors We're All Gonna Die (single) Sacramento
Shotgun Sawyer Sudden Death in the Flesh Thunderchief Auburn
Jesus & the Dinosaurs I Don't Know Música Pelada Fairfield
The Polyorchids The Lark S/T LP Winters/Sac
The O'Mulligans T.G.I.F. Meh Sacramento
The MOANS Death Drives a Blue Green Jeep Grave Yard Sale Sacramento
The Has Beens I Hate Small Talk Never Pull Out Redwood City/SF
Rex Means King Backside Lazer Flip S/T Vacaville
Find Yourself Polyamory Fantasy Intimacy Placerville
Yugen March S/T Demo Stockton
Sloth & Turtle Hex (single) Santa Rosa
Benjamin Hecht As petrichor painted the earth / A mist enshrouded us Petrichor EP Placerville (played under talkin)
The Car Crash Hearts Throes of Grief The Car Crash Hearts Woodland
Dandelion Massacre Cuddles, Stat. Pretty Little Flowers//Cuddles, Stat. Sacramento
Covet Ares (single) San Jose