Sleepy Wakey


Overwhelmed by all the great shows coming up this month? I'll help you decide by playing some of my favorite local/local-ish bands who are playing in the Greater Sacramento area this week!



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Wednesday 3/14/2018 @ 7:00AM - 8:00AM
The Last Gang Believe in the Poet Keep Them Counting Orange County
Riot Radio Don't Try Us So Are We Sac
FRACK! The Taking Tree (single) Sac
Brianna Carmel Over Your Head (single) Sac
John Rodriguez (of Wicken) A Fire Inside (single) Sac
Not (Placeholder) Revisionist History of Not Sac
Swing Away Getting Home There's Something Wrong With Me NorCal
Carpool Tunnel Hooked Again Getaway San Jose
Hemispheres Blow (single) Sac
Here Knows When Sliding Octaves Lost Moon EP DAVIS
Paper Skin Where Love Goes To Die (single) San Francisco
Pastel Dream Shell S/T DAVIS
Temple Kirk Fill It Full of Leaves Leo the Weary Sac
Raymond Schau Where You're From (single) Sac
Slug Muffin I Hurt Feel Me to Heal Me Sac
Divided Heaven We Pacific Avenue EP Los Angeles
Sun Valley Gun Club Hey Collapser S/T Oakland