Sleepy Wakey


Overwhelmed by all the great shows coming up this month? I'll help you decide by playing some of my favorite local bands who are playing in the area this week!



Missed the Show?

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Wednesday 2/28/2018 @ 7:00AM - 8:00AM
The Aquadolls Guys Who Sk8 Stoked on You 2013
Wavves / Cloud Nothings Come Down No Life for Me (split) 2015
The O'Mulligans T.G.I.F. Meh Sacramento
The Krylons Controlling The Krylons Demos LA
Las Pulgas Sistema Sesgado Morgue Session Sacramento
Jesus & the Dinosaurs I Don't Know Música Pelada Fairfield
Dandelion Massacre #sadpaulgiamatti In Some Room: Volume II Sacramento
Jay Decay The Rails Scumbag: 5 Year Anniversary Edition Oroville
Danger Inc. Lonely/Modern Enjoy Your Cat and Your Loneliness Anaheim
Rebel Holocrons Nostalgia Reasons Sacramento
No Vacation Reaper Intermission SF -> Brooklyn, NY
Hot Flash Heat Wave Bye Bye Baby Soaked SF
Bear Call Go Home (single) SF
Pierce & the Gals Cowboy (single) Sacramento
Movements Daylily Feel Something Rancho Santa Margarita
Super Whatevr Kathrin with a K Never Nothing Costa Mesa