Sleepy Wakey


Overwhelmed by all the great shows coming up this month? I'll help you decide by playing some of my favorite local bands who are playing in the area this week!



Missed the Show?

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Wednesday 1/31/2018 @ 7:00AM - 8:00AM
Enso Anima From Sound to Significance (single) Sacramento
Dandelion Massacre Cuddles, Stat. Pretty Little Flowers // Cuddles, Stat! Sacramento
The Car Crash Hearts Cum Tree Smile Bomb Woodland
The Igors Coastal (single) Sacramento
Hi, Mom! Coping Lessons (single) Sacramento
Anxious Arms Breaking a Picture Frame Never Was Sacramento
Cassette Idols Head Complex (single) Sacramento
Vinnie Guidera & the Dead Birds Anchor Lows Sacramento
Shotgun Sawyer You Got to Run (single) Auburn
Western Addiction Masscult, Vulgarians and Entitlement Tremulous San Francisco
The Moans Death Drives a Blue Green Jeep Grave Yard Sale Sacramento
Destroy Boys No Respect Sorry, Mom Sacramento
Destroy Boys I Think I Should Makeout with Other People (single) Sacramento
Screature Inclusion Old Hand New Wave Sacramento