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"Joe Frank is an American radio icon, known best for his engaging, often philosophical, monologues and radio dramas. Joe’s radio programs are at times dark and frequently funny. Adding to the absurd atmosphere of his monologues and dramas are loops of percussive music over drones."  from

KDVS, Davis, is delighted to return to regular broadcasts of Joe Frank. The show takes a trip through the works of Joe Frank, from his earliest monologues of the late 1970's through the odd encounters and myriad dramatis personae that have flummoxed and delighted listeners for decades. You'll laugh, you'll grimace, you'll shout. You will pound your steering wheel in rapt anticipation. Join us every other Sunday night for Joe Frank, on KDVS, Davis. 90.3FM.

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Sunday 10/01/2017 @ 10:00PM - 12:00AM
Joe Frank 80-Yard Run The frightening fight between Luis Rodriguez and Hurricane Carter. The art of bullfighting explained. Joe’s grad student days at the University of Iowa during football fever. Joe enjoys an erotic experience with a stranger in a movie theater. A drunken football game leads to Joe’s 80 yard run into a herd of oncoming bulls.
Joe Frank Questions Existential questions – freedom, determinism, responsibility, anguish, authenticity – are explored. Live radio telephone calls, WBAI, 1976. A discussion between an angry revolutionary and a representative of a despotic South American government.
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