1000 Points of Fright

Pirate of the High Frequenseas

Calamity Janie subs for Pirate!  Tune in as the band Male Gaze will be joining me in studio for an acoustic performance, a Q&A session, and they will share some tracks from their new album, "Miss Taken".  Also, they will be playing at the Red Museum (212 15th St) in Sacramento tomorrow (6/17).  www.malegazesf.com



Missed the Show?

MP3 320kbps, broadband

Friday 6/16/2017 @ 8:00PM - 10:00PM
Tribesmen Ocean's Ocean Ocean's Ocean EP self released NEW 7 inch 33 A side instrumental indie
UniversalDice I Wish I Could Tell You This Birth, Love, Hate, Death Infidels NEW rock mellow almost country tinge
Los Cacahuetes Los Cacahuetes Wild Women Shot Down! 7 inch 45 B side garage
Danny and the Nightmares Natzi The End is Near Again Cool Beans lo-fi rock, band is composed of Daniel Johnston and Jason Nightmare
Fabulous Diamonds trk 2 Fabulous Diamonds Siltbreeze LP 33 A2 mellow thought provoking rock from Australia
Part Time / Drinking Flowers Drinking Flowers - Night Time Split Volar NEW 7 inch 45 B side mellow rock
Cartwright, Greg Love Won't Leave You A Song Tin Ten Dusty Medical NEW 7 inch 45 B side mellow sad countrified
Sprott, Will Psychic Lady Psychic Lady b/w Little Bells Hairdo NEW 7 inch 45 A side melodic indie pop
Girls Life In San Francisco Lust For Life b/w Life In San Francisco True Panther Sounds 7 inch 45 B side mellow rock
Fresh & Onlys, The Who Let The Devil House of Spirits Mexican Summer melodic rock from SF, 2014 release
BBJr Bleached Bones (in the valley) I Did What I Could With What I Had Captcha LP 33 A2 rock
Bryant, Tracy Protect Your Head Parachute b/w Protect Your Head Volar NEW 7 inch 45 B side rock upbeat
Simon Doom You Can't Be Real Babyman Votiv NEW rock dancey
Cuts, The Stop Asking From Here On Out Birdman big rock sound
Lamkin, Matt Here I Am Where I'm Matt Volar NEW LP 33 A1 rock, Matt Lamkin of the Soft Pack, who is also in the Silver Shadows, another band whose record we just got down here from Volar
Theoreme punk vortex L'appel du Midi a midi pile Bruit Direct Disques NEW LP 33 B1 weird punk rock moody vibe
Carsickness Police Dog 1979-1982 Get Hip NEW orig from 1979-82, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Butch Willis and The Rocks I Want That Date Self-Released Teen Beat weird punk. From the Forthcomings LP released 1986.
Male Gaze Keep yr kools Miss Taken Castle Face
Male Gaze Didn't (Live)
Male Gaze Tell Me How It Is (Live)
Male Gaze Wha Do Wha Do Miss Taken Castle Face