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Thursday 2/23/2017 @ 6:00PM - 7:00PM
Powernerd Flame (Volkor X Remix) Powernerd Self Released
Frixon/Gene Serene Heartbroke Disco Heartbroke Disco Self Released
D-Noise Nightfly Neon Drive Self Released
The Goondock Saint Never Say Die St. Demon's Fire Self Released
ALEX Youth (feat. Rachel Alpine) Youth New Retro Wave
Fjordwalker Few Seconds (feat. Tying Tiffany) Elements Self Released
Sellorekt/LA Dreams More Time Decades Self Released
Nekosynth Cyberstream Cyberstream EP Self Released
Sandtone Don't Need You Don't Need You Self Released
Drinking Flowers Nite Time Part Time / Drinking Flowers Split Volar Records
Goldsplash Space Invaders Space Invaders Self Released
Màquina Total Crema el Bosc ESTÀTUA Domestica
Fatal Friction Palm FM Palm FM Self Released
Daemon Hatfield Good Morning California Black Cloud Self Released
2DCAT Empty The Coma Self Released
Softwave The Light Behind Your Eyes(David Burdick Remix) Together Alone the Remixes Self Released
J. Wilson No Reason to be Scared (We All Still Fall Down) feat. Kate Wild New Wings: Advance if You Can II Self Released
deadbeat Telamon CEM Self Released
Vampire Step-Dad The Cough (where a little blood comes out) Love Bites Self Released
VHS Glitch Passion on Tape Passion on Tape Single Self Released
Hello Meteor Soft Format Causality Violations Self Released
Marvel 85' The Day We Met The Day We Met Self Released
Euphorion Wave Titan Supernova Self Released
Gryphun Here Comes the Rain Again The Remixes Vol. 1 Self Released
NIGHTSTOP Answering Machine (feat. Eeva) Return to Synth City Werkstatt Recordings
Espen Craft The Right Time (We Can Do It) Those Days Self Released
The Human League Don't You Want Me Single Virgin Records
Into the Fire Long Way Down Into the Fire Self Released
Ninja Start W A V E S Single Self Released
MOTIV Lazer Beam They just don't write love songs like they used to Self Released
P.U.S.H. Come Closer (feat. Julie Sahar) Fluorscent Dreams Self Released
Heclysma Disco in the Airport Ordinary Morn Self Released
Banadu Tidepool Green Glow Self Released
Gene Serene If You Ever Wonder Anodyne/Painkiller Self Released
Spiritual Dawn Dying in Your Arms (Extended Mix) Single Self Released
VHS Dreams Your Loving Arms Love Interlude Self Released
B-COM Hang On Face B Hang On EP Computer Love Records
NIGHTLIGHTS Shadows Shadows EP Self Released
Phaneron Intronaut 2075: In the Psyche Self Released
PolyVenom State of the Union Los Angeles, 2089 Self Released
Yuki No Oi Kokoro Dexta Kuraku + Naoki Che Single Self Released
Scattle One Step Ahead Sketch Self Released
Games Strawberry Skies (feat. Laurel Halo) That We Can Play EP Hippos In Tanks
SIDWAVE Aura Stimulation Future Spacewave Self Released
Das Bistel Nucleon Rider Nucleon Rider Self Released
Kid Neon Code Red (Part 1) Futuresounds - Promo EP Time Slave Recordings
Sandy H Lighthouse New Horizon Self Released