Revenge of the Handlebar Mustache

Calamity Janie

Dancer from San Francisco playing live tonight!  You'd better listen! Also, any Brooklyn friends who may be reading this:  They will be playing at the Palisades October 23rd.  They will also be playing live on WFMU, on Evan "Funk" Davies' show on October 28th (9 pm Eastern, aka 6 pm California time)

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Monday 10/12/2015 @ 10:00PM - 12:00AM
Rantouls, The Little Bit of This Little Green Hat Chocolate Covered 7 inch 45 B side rock
Skipper Hangin' with the Telephone Cold Pizza 'n' Pop Chocolate Covered 7 inch 45 A1 rock
Saucy Jacks, The Blown Like A Kiss Blown Like a Kiss Chocolate Covered 7 inch 45 A side punk
Coo Coo Birds Track 3 Mexican Cowboys Self-Released NEW
Protex Night of Action Protex Sing Sing LP 33 A4 power pop
Various Artists The Ejectors- Fade With The Summer Power for Passion: File Under Power Pop 1978-85 Dionysus LP 33 B1 power pop
Incredible Kidda Band, The Everybody Knows Everybody Knows Last Laugh 7 inch 45 A side early punk
Warm Soda I Wanna Know Her Symbolic Dream Castle Face NEW
V/A Simpletones- tiger beat twist Beach Blvd Posh Boy LP 33 A3 early punk
Various Artists Fresh Color- The Source Killed By Death #7 Redrum LP 33 B3 early punk- meant to play Lost Kids- Cola Freaks but I played the song after
Various Artists The Gizmos- Tie Me Up Killed By Death #20 Redrum LP 33 B1 early punk
Various Artists The Fast Cars- What Can I Do? Killed By Death #20 Redrum LP 33 B2 early punk
Hubble Bubble New Promotion CD split with Raxola A KDVS exclusive early punk
Apache Crystal Clear Boys Life Douche Master Omar's other band
Dogs Slash Your Face Fed Up! Dionysus early punk
Sicteens/Love Beads Sicteens- Radio Carlos' old band
The Boys Kiss Like a Nun The Boys NEMS LP 33 B3 punk
Eater I Don't Need It All of Eater Cargo early punk
Barreracudas, The New York Honeys New York Honeys b/w Don't Get Me Wrong Douche Master 7 inch 45 A side punk
The Cuts Carlos' other old band
Beat Beat Wok Wok Beat Beat Bachelor Records LP 45 B1 punk
The Metros Black Leather The Metros Rip Off punk
Wheels on Fire Dead of Night Dead of Night/Surrender Road Milk N' Herpes 7 inch 45 A side punk