The Chicken Years

Mr. Mick Mucus

DJ Rick pinch hits for Mick


Fartcore & Foodwave & Punk

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Tuesday 6/02/2015 @ 9:00PM - 11:00PM
Arson Coho Coho Coho Coho 7-inch Ugly Pop
Penis Fly Trap Constitution 5-song 7-inch Woof 1995
No Empathy Work Schedule You're So Smart 3x7-inch Johann's Face 1995
Tight Fits Bulldozer Full Frontal Attack 7-inch Pure Filth 1995
The Shudders Streetwalkin' 7-inch Compact
Yokohama Hooks Panic split 7-inch w/ the Flip Tops
Dead Clodettes Flou Flou 7-inch Trashmondian 2007
Speed Speed v/a: Destroy All Art Rock n' Roll Parasite 2015 [orig 1995]
Dickhead Rescue More Than... More Than... b/w Erepeato Ever/Never
JJCNV Donkey Brainiac Handsome Flab Fjord 2015
JJCNV Hunter of Bugs Brainiac Handsome Flab Fjord
Hustler White Cosmic Egg Creation Fall 2005 Tour CDR No Label 2005
Sonskull Mirroring Wiped Clean EP 12-inch Perennial 2011
Toupee Vulcan Strain Dinner Parties Rotted Tooth 2013
Towel Shun Shun Action Nunu 7-inch Vermiform
Fearless Iranians from Hell Burn the Books Holy War Boner 1988
Third Leg Pig Hate Phurly Scratched 1993
Ivy House Burnin Boogie Ivy Katorga Works 2015
Ivy Got No Hope Ivy Katorga Works 2015
Boba Fett Youth Anthony Robbins Tribute American Nihilism 7-inch Bucky 1995
The Fondled Daddy's a Whore split 7-inch w/ Tito o' Tito Band Toast 1995
Bad Daddies You Ain't Right Bad Daddies 7" Negative Fun Records 2014
Toxic Attitude War Crimes Stupid Teenage Music 7-inch Depression 1984
Hibachi Stranglers Parking Lot Our City Doesn't Stink all the Time 7-inch HoZac
Pocket Fishrmen The Leader is Burning The Leader is Burning 7-inch Noiseville
Discolokosst Rock ist Rock Discolokosst no label 2007 [orig 1980]
Rancid Hell Spawn Botulism Babies Jumpin' Jack Flesh Wrench 1989
Discodeath Les Robots Discodeath Hertz Schrittmacher 2013
Sloop John Scronge Berry & the Roger's Beats Minor Threat Meet Sloop John Scronge Berry lathe-cut 7-inch Replicator
Schizophrenic Housewives Heterodyne Radio Don't Marry the... 7-inch Hillside Strangler
Count Vertigo I'm a Mutant X Patriots 7-inch Cool 1979
Kilslug Make it Rain Answer the Call Taang 1986
Tragic Mulatto The Suspect The Suspect 7-inch Alternative Tentacles 1983
Los Huevos Chicken Pot Pie Los Huevos 7-inch Sac 1993
Squirrel Bait Sun God Squirrel Bait Homestead 1985
Three Stoned Men Before I Go to Sleep Smells Like the Big Time Know Knew 1995
Fish & Roses Monks Hate You Fish & Roses' Friar Truck Record 7-inch Ajax 1991
Aluminum Knot Eye Even Dwarfs Started Small Silo Monster 7-inch Big Black Hole 2007
The Sleaze Smokin' Fuckin' Cigs Smokin' Fuckin' Cigs and Other Hit 7-inch Fashionable Idiots 2008
Alcoholics Unanimous O.L.C.C. At War with the O.L.C.C. 7-inch Brilliancy Prize 1988
Alcoholics Unanimous The Mold The Mold 7-inch Brilliancy Prize 1991
Rancid Vat Testify Rulebreakers Rule 7-inch Brilliancy Prize 1985 (lead guitar by Greg Sage)
Tipper Gore's Anal Retentive Love Children We're Truck Drivers Saddam Hussein's Mind Games 7-inch Shitsville 1991
Brainbombs Wishing a Slow Death [live] Live Action at ROCK ALL, Oslo 7-inch Big Ball 1994