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Molly Bosley is a Vermont based artist.  Listen in for a great chat about the benefits and challenges of sustainng an artistic career. Molly talks about her process, inspirations, residencies, and exhibits.  


Molly Bosley began collecting small relics at an early age in the Boston suburb where she grew up. She has since then continued this tradition and found ways to incorporate the findings from yard sales, junk stores and the great outdoors, into her mixed media artwork.

After years of searching for a home in the big cities of Boston, New York and Providence, she has settled into the quiet life of Vermont where she enjoys the simple way of living and can work on art from the comforts of her own home. She has exhibited nationally and gained recognition in online publications, as well as landing the cover of the Random House book titled, The Aviary. Molly is currently preparing for a handful of exhibitions in Vermont and is working on her biggest papercut series yet.

(from www.mollybosley.com) 

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Wednesday 5/20/2015 @ 4:30PM - 5:00PM
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