New Day Jazz

Justin Desmangles

BENEDICTION  By Bob Kaufman  

Pale brown Moses went down to Egypt land 
To let somebody’s people go. 
Keep him out of Florida, no UN there: 
The poor governor is all alone,  
With six hundred thousand illiterates.  

America, I forgive you . . . I forgive you 
Nailing black Jesus to an imported cross
Every six weeks in Dawson, Georgia. 
America, I forgive you . . . I forgive you 
Eating black children, I know your hunger. 
America, I forgive you . . . I forgive you 
Burning Japanese babies defensively --
I realize how necessary it was. 
Your ancestor had beautiful thoughts in his brain. 
His descendents are experts in real estate. 
Your generals have mushrooming visions. 
Every day your people get more and more 
Cars, televisions, sickness, death dreams. 
You must have been great 
 Bob Kaufman, poet (April 18, 1925, New Orleans, Louisiana – January 12, 1986, San Francisco, California) Know your history, know your culture. Your independence depends on your remembrance. Each one, teach one



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