Femmes To The Front


Ophelia fills in for Soledad. Femmes to the Front, this means  you!


Dark Pop & Lofi & Punk & Riot Grrl

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Tuesday 8/26/2014 @ 1:00AM - 2:00AM
Bikini Kill Not Right Now Peel Sessions
7 Year Bitch Dead Men Don't Rape There's a Dyke in the Pit Outpunk
Chubbies, The Selfish What Girls Want! Sympathy for the Record Industry
Lolls, The When I Think of You The Lolls Extra Small
Purse Can't Put Your Arms Around a Memory Purse Does Junk Lucky Garage
Butchies Where R We? Butchies 7" Mr Lady
Vivian Sisters You're No Good Vivian Sisters Disk Union
Need, the 96 Needles The Need Kill Rock Stars
Miranda July How's My Driving 10 Million Hours a Mile Kill Rock Stars
Vivian Girls I Believe in Nothing Vivian Girls In The Red
Dame Darcy Band-aid Box Tardvark Dionysis
Mirah Don't Die In Me C'Mon Miracle K Records
Dear Nora Suicide Song Mountain Rock Magic Marker
Capricorns, The The Longest Drive In the Zone Paroxysm
Le Tigre Cry For Everything Bad That Ever Happened Feminist Sweepstakes Mr Lady