Tim Matranga

We'll start with 50s/60s R&B, Surf, Girls, Soul then move on into Psych and Weird stuff! Tune in at 10.


60S Rock & 60S Soul & Folk & Psych

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Sunday 8/03/2014 @ 10:00PM - 12:00AM
L.A. Brown No Hootennany Hip
Kay Cee Jones Shortnin' Bread American
Red Prysock Harem Girl King
Paul Gayten The Hunch Anna
Tommy Ridgley Monkey Man Imperial
Wynonie Harris Destination Love Atco
James Brown There Must Be A Reason The Unbeatable King
Big Al Downing Georgia Slop Columbia Jimmy McCracklin
The Dawn Beats The Big B Century Custom
Untamed Youth Some Kinda Fun Some Kinda Fun Norton
Dave Myers & the Surftones Gear Wickwire
Marvelus Mickey Do the Robot
Wayne Newton Comin' On Too Strong Capitol
Camelots The Chase Comet
Splinters King of the Bungaloos Blue Sky
Gentrys Wild Back From the Grave 8 Crypt Kado, Burlingame, 1965
The Night Riders w/Mel Smith Pretty Plaid Skirt Sue
Oedipus & the Mothers (I Remember) How It Used to Be Revenge '66 No Way Out Austin 66, Beacon
Sonics Psycho Etiquette
Mogen David & the Grapes of Wrath Little Girl Gone
William Penn & the Quakers Believe Me The Hush Records Stsory Big Beat
Rationals Feelin' Lost Think Rational Big Beat
Bill Martin & Phil Coulter I Feel It Coming
PP Arnold (w the Small Faces) If You Think You're Groovy Immediate
The Creation How Does It Feel to Feel
Pretty Moustache In Your Face Numero Group
Pretty Moustache In Your Face Numero Group
Reigning Sound If You Gotta Leave Shattered Merge
Wimple Winch Sagittarius Wimple Winch Story Bam Caruso
Love Bummer In the Summer Forever Changes Elektra
Music Machine Time Out (For a Daydream) BMM BB
Neil Diamond Oh No No The Feel of Neil Diamond Bang
Powder Gladly Biff Bang Powder Distortions
The Chicago Loop This Must Be The Place UK Stateside
Pete Morticelli Lost Nu-Sounds
Flat Earth Society Dark Street Downtown Waleeco R Arf Arf
Music Emporium Gentle Thursday --> Cage Music Emporium Sentinel
Darius Ancient Paths Darius R World in Sound
George Brigman I Feel Alright Jungle Rot R Anopheles originally Solid
Shearer, Dylan Garagearray Lookout Garagearray Castleface
Thomas & Richard Frost Would You Laugh Powder Distortions
David Kilgour and the Heavy 8's Like Rain End Times Undone Merge