Joker & Timaeus

Tonight we felt like a bit of softer music, emphasizing the classical, instrumental, and experimental. But we have weak wills, so there's a bit of other stuff too. Sorry. Our parents are a bit dissapointed in us also, you're not alone. We can only hope to amend ourselves in the future, the past is lost to the tick of the clock, 

and the beat of the drum going thomp tpiugvepoiu 



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Sunday 7/13/2014 @ 2:00AM - 4:00AM
Meyer, Edgar The Great Green Sea Snake Work In Progress MCA
Ledgent Suicide Cannibal Suicide Cannibal Apollo
Paul Horn Landate dominium in tympanis music inside composed by giovanni pierluigi da palestrina
Jon Hassell Pagan City Works of Fiction
Smugglers The B'n'l Selling the Sizzle
Specific Heats, The Ice Cream Shop Aboard A Spaceship of the Imagination Total Gaylord
Red Planet No Force We Know How It Goes Gearhead
+/- The Queen of Nothing On Your Eyes Absolutely Kosher
Al Green 12" Remix Love Is Reality Word
The Mighty Clouds of Joy Power of The Holy Ghost The Mighty Clouds of Joy Intersound
Spires That in the Sunset Rise Party Favors Curse the Traced Bird Secret Eye
The Dinner is Ruined Shower in Elevator The Dinner is Ruined
Marclay, Christian Pittsburgh, July 5, 2002 djTrio Asphodel
Iannis Xenakis Laminar: Whorl Persepolis Remixes
César Frank 1st Movement(Piano Quintet in F Minor) Antonn Kubalek Piano with the Vaghy String Quartet
Brotzmann/Drake DUo It's an Angel on the Door The Dried Rat-Dog
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion Help These Blues Damage Sanctuary
Godkomplex World Below World Below
SPDFGH Song In Eurotrash Minor Leave Me Like This