Out 'N' Heavy

Milson Tisdale

DJ Rick stands in while Milson enjoys some fatherly fun times.

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Thursday 6/26/2014 @ 10:00PM - 12:00AM
Torpedo Boyz Ich Bin Auslander (Leider Zum Gluck) Ich Bin Auslander (Leider Zum Gluck) 7-inch Hertz-Schrittmacher 2012
Kania Tieffer Farfouille Family Jewels 7-inch Hex Gramofoonplaten 2011
Nazis from Mars I Don't Like Your Favorite Bands and DJs self-titled Astral Anarchy 2000
Lost Kids Radden Dig Cola Freaks 7-inch Medley 1979
Alberto y Lost Trios Paranoias Snuffin' Like That Snuff Rock 7-inch Stiff 1977
Horrorcomic Jesus Crisis v/a: Who's a Punk: The Very Best of British Punksploitation Punk 2014 [orig 1979]
The Consumers Punk Church All My Friends Are Dead In the Red 1995 [orig 1977]
Solid Attitude Smoking Sheets B.B. Gun Picnic Rotted Tooth 2014
Dasher Go Rambo Go Rambo 7-inch Die Slaughterhaus 2014
Hellchild Rock & Roll Bastards self-titled 10-inch Howling Bull America 1999
Lipcream Top Fight v/a: Devil Must Be Driven Out With Devil Hold Up 1986
Death Side Burning Spirit/Life is Only Once Bet on the Possibility Selfish 1991
Norymberga Reakcja Automowa self-titled CS BDTA 2014
Sloth Crazy Psycho Music - It Makes Me Want to Go into Outerspace split 7-inch Mammoth Shifty 2008
Back Magic Do They Owe Us a Living Chorus Line to Hell Milvia Son 2014
The Thing Weirdo Riding Weirdo Riding 7-inch Noiseville 1991
The Thing Weirdo Riding Weirdo Riding 7-inch Noiseville 1991
Watery Love Only Love Decorative Feeding In the Red 2014
Sacred Product Another Shot at Life self-titled Heinous Anus 2014
Liz Gizzad Crime Trilogy Crime Trilogy 7-inch Behemoth ???
Rema-Rema International Scale International Scale 7-inch Inflammable Material 2014 [rec. 1979]
Rema-Rema Rema-Rema Wheel in the Roses 12-inch EP 4AD 1980
Datblygu Problem yw Bywyd Amheuon Corfforol CS Casetiau Neon 1983
Russell Walker & Dan Melchior I Could Sit Here Forever Sad Son in Law 7-inch Kill Shaman 2014
Shoes This High Not Weighting Shoes This High Siltbreeze 2014 [rec. 1980]
Helen Felt This Way Felt This Way 7-inch Meds 2013
Toupee Vulcan Strain Dinner Parties Rotted Tooth 2013
Buick Immortality Sweatertongue Lather 1992
Darlingchemicalia House of Violence Spun In White A Wicked Company 2014
Nice Strong Arm Date of Birth Reality Bath Homestead 1987
Deception Bay All My Future My Color Flag Independent Project 1991
Low Life Down at the Dogs. Dogging R.I.P. Society 2014