Tim Matranga

Plenty o' good tunes tonight. Big stack of new 45s too


60S Rock & 60S Soul & Folk & Psych

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Sunday 6/22/2014 @ 10:00PM - 12:00AM
KC Mojo Watson Love Blood Hound Nanc
Little Eddie Love Com Runnin' to Me Baby Mack IV
Al Casey If I Told You (Wouldn't Know It All By Myself) Rockin' & Boppin' In the Desert Bear Family MCI, Phoenix rockabilly
Crystals Espresso Regalia
Steve Alaimo & the Redcoats Blue Fire Imperial
Ronny Goode Hokus Pokus Demon
The Phantom Love Me Dot
Dorsey Burnette Way In the Middle of the Night Imperial
Kip Tyler She's My Witch Ebb
Royaltones Little Bo Jubilee
Vince Taylor Jet Black Machine Palette
Aaron Neville Out of My Life Minit
Olympics Chicken Demon
Bobby Boston Lazy Daisy
Curley Jim & the Billey Rocks Rock and Roll ITch
Wally Lee Eeny Meenie
Billy Barton Blues in the Blue of the Night The Other Side of Bakersfield Bear Family
Wally Lee w/ the Storms Eeny Meenie
Joe Montgomery Planetary Run
Bobby Harris Ain't That Love Turntable
Jessie Mae Please Don't Freeze DRA
Betty Everett Too Hot to Hold Vee Jay
Myles & Dupont Loud Mouth Annie Chess N.O. R&B Chess
Frederick Knight Here After I'm Hereafter The Birmingham Sound Rabbit Factory Hemphill recs, Birmingham AL
Michael Liggins & the Super Souls Loaded to the Gills Mighty Mike Lenaburg Numero Group Phoeniux soul 69
Broadneck Psychedelic Excursion Brimingham AL
The Nightshadow In the Air Square Root of Two Spectrum originally
The Contents Are If You're Relaxing Through You R Shadoks Iowa garage folk
Rabbits I'm Looking in the Universe Greek Garage Bands of the 60s Music Box Intl
The Seeds Dreaming of Your Love s/t Big Beat
Music Machine Closed The Bonniwell Music Machine 2 cd BB
Bonniwell Music Machine This Should Make You Happy BMM
The Maze I'm So Sad Armageddon MTA Fairfield CA, re on Sundazed
The New Dawn Life Goes On There's a NEW DAWN R Jackpot orig Hoot
Bent Wind Riverside Sussex Trend originally also RE on Psychodrome
Stonewall Solitude Stonewall Tiger Lily
Spongeman Mechanical Switch St Albert's Dream Lysergic Sounds
Darius Ancient Paths Darius R World in Sound
Things to Come Behold the Behemoth I Want Out R Sundazed
The Rainy Daze Snow and Ice and Burning Sand That Acapulco Gold Uni