Soundtracks For The Mall


"You got the dud!"
"And he looks just like you, poindexter!"

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Tuesday 6/17/2014 @ 11:00AM - 12:00PM
Tiga Luxury Ciao Last Gang
Landscape Face of the 80's From The Tearooms of Mars to the Hell-Holes of Uranus RCA
ADULT. Kick in the Shin Anxiety Always Ersatz
Billy MacKenzie Ice Cream Factory 12" WEA
Billy MacKenzie Ice Cream Factory 12" WEA
Horrors, The In and Out of Sight Luminous XL Recordings
Edgar, Jimmy Midnite Phone Call XXX K7
Com Truise Dreambender In Decay Ghostly International
Octet Sneakers & Thong Cash And Carry Songs Plain
Gang of Four He'd Send In The Army Solid Gold Warner
Shriekback My Spine (Is The Bassline) Care Warner same bassist as Gang of Four
Marlene with Seawind Summer Nights Summer Nights CBS Japan