6 Degrees of Jenny Lewis

Beckz & Hans

summer is here!

having some old friends in the studio today. shying away from the usual theme. will be playing some of our newest favorites!

tune in 


Eclectic & Folk & Indie & Punk & Twee

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Monday 6/16/2014 @ 8:00PM - 10:00PM
Jenny Lewis Just One of the Guys The Voyager New Album out July 29th
Roundelay I'm Not A Stone Russian Melodies from Russia - 2014
Claire + The Potatoes It's Different for Girls The I Do in I Doubt 2012
Free Cake for Every Creature Rains Even in Summer Pretty Good 2014
Katie & The Lichen Together Forever Yours Truly Vancouver, British Columbia - 2014
Ford, Sallie & The Sound Outside This Crew Dirty Radio Partisan 2011
Sheer Agony The People Left The Unruly Sisters Quebec - 2012
Freelove Fenner Paisley and Pastel Pineapple Hair Ep Quebec - 2012
Quiet Hooves My Girl Stallin' & Saddle Up 2012
James Rabbit Charge! Marvels 2013
Pookie & His Poodlez Pookie Smooches The Last Thing I Did As A Teenager Rubber Vomit
BRNDA Make a New Friend brnda
Go Cozy Lost at Shine Bruises http://gocozy.bandcamp.com/
Redline Graffiti Scene Flowers The Drill http://redlinegraffiti.bandcamp.com/album/the-drill
Baby Bry Bry and the Apologists Is it Anything or is it Everything? Is it Anything or is it Everything? http://babybrybry.bandcamp.com/
The Sea Life NY Models Transitions http://thesealife.bandcamp.com/
iji Drums From Thunder Yerself 2012
Remambran Persimmon Tree Leave the Ladder Down 2012
Younger Shoulder Yr Fears Younger Shoulders 2012
Layer Cake Nothing West 2014
Dear Nora make you smile Three States: Rarities '97-'07 Magic Marker 2009
The Besties Right Band, Wrong Song Home Free 2014
How to Dress Well Words I Can't Remember
L'Orange & Stik Figa Monochrome The City Under The City Mello Music Group
Sylvan Esso Hey Mami Sylvan Esso Partisan
Real Estate Had To Hear Atlas Domino
SALES Renee Renee/Tonka Time 7''
Psymun Talk 2 Me (Ft. Kerry Roy)