Apartment 5

baby d


mondjay morning.

2 busy 2 fix typos.

we're off to the races


try to keep up.

love youuuu

- baby d


Altrock & General Monday Morning Vibes & Indiepop & Shoegaze & Twee

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Monday 6/09/2014 @ 9:30AM - 12:00PM
Slumbook Daydream on a Sunny Day Daydream on a Sunny Day slumbook.bandcamp.com
Velocity Girl Pop Loser Copacetic Subpop
Chumped Union Square
Bordeauxxx Every Holiday is a Disaster
The Adelines If You Go
Stars On Peak Hill Nightsongs Le Grand Magistery
Beach Beach Just Like Before La Castanya
Strange Wave In the End Party Damage
Close Lobsters Now Time Kunstwerk in Spacetime Shelflife
Alex G Black Hair DSU Orchid Tapes
The Classic I Am to You and You Are to Me
The Lodger Have a Little Faith in People Flashbacks Slumberland
The Hit Parade You Didn't Love Me Then You Didn't Love Me Then JSH
The Faintest Ideas Nosebleeders On the Track What Goes Up Must Calm Down Magic Marker
The Sunny Street College Hidden for Decades Plastilina
French Leisure The Year We Were Nowhere #1 Beko
Sourpatch Things You Say Stagger & Fade Happy Happy Birthday to Me
Horowitz Tracyanne Tracyanne Glo-Fi
What We Did on Our Holiday A World Apart Between Two Waves: The Second Wave Eardrums Pop
No Age Valley Hump Crash Everything in Between Sub Pop
The Gentle Isolation I'll Pocket You a Rainbow It Started With an April Shower Dufflecoat
Favours for Sailors I Dreamt that You Dreamt that You Loved Me In Your Dreams
Tennis Never Work for Free
Your Rival New Korea Party Damage
The Silent Love My Sunny Day Beko
Star Tropics Swept Away
Sweater Girls Infatuation Street Sweater Girls Were Here Happy Happy Birthday to Me
The Three O'Clock Watching Pictures Hand in Hand IRS
The Passengers The Frances Farmer Song Hell to Heaven True
Comet Gain Long After Tonight's Candles Burn
Boyracer Vitamin B We Are Made of the Same Wood A Turntable Friend
Le Futur Pompiste My Trophy Le Futur Pompiste Shelflife
Sweetest Ache Here Comes the Ocean If I Could Shine Sarah
LAKE Don't Give Up Let's Build a Roof K