DJ Double D & Sam

M.A.D.L.I.B.S.! Live from studio B in (moderately) beautiful Davis CA!


This Day in History: Lyida Lunch Born in 1959: Cruise to the Moon.

Foreign Kid Sounds: Hocus Pocus: Onandon. Classic French Hip Hop

Sample Says: 

Weekly Bomb: The Natives - "Judas" and  Be Calm Honcho: I Love California



Eclectic & Hiphop & Oldies & Soul

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Monday 6/02/2014 @ 6:00AM - 8:00AM
Beastie Boys Slow Ride License To Ill Last Lowrider Cover
Lydia Lunch Cruise to the Moon Queen of Siam This Day in History: Born in 1959
Desmond Dekker It Mek Dekker's Sweet 16 Hits
Low Leaf Bahay Kubo Akashaalay
Sterolab Miss Modular Oscillations from the Anti-Sun
William Onyeabor Fantastic Man Who is William Onyeabor?
Miles Davis Nothing Like You Sorcerer
Hocus Pocus Onandon Foreign Kid Sounds: Classic French Hip Hop
Squirrel Nut Zippers Hell Call in request from Kirk
The Blow Parenthesis
The Blow Parenthesis
The White Stripes We're Going to Be Friends
The Avett Brothers I Would Be Sad
Bright Eyes Arc of Time
The Microphones I Felt Your Shape The Glow pt. 2
Regina Spektor The Calculation Far
The Natives Judas Last of the Natives No Sample Says This Week
Ahwlee 2wo4t. Leftist
Danny Brown Head Hot Soup
Century Got Bars NOLA Forget Today Remember Tomorrow
Common Kingdom (Feat. Vince Staples) Nobody's Smiling
David Straange Okizeme
Das Racist Hugo Chavez Shup Up, Dude
Be Calm Honcho I Love California Weekly Bomb
Be Calm Honcho I Love California Weekly Bomb
Gramatik Smooth While Raw
Gramatik Smooth While Raw
Noel Zancanella Like This
Noel Zancanella Like This
LIttle People Start Shootin'
El Ten Eleven Thinking Loudly
Durazzo Clockwork
The Pharcyde Passing Me By (Video Instrumental) Pharcyde Singles