Kicksville 29BC

Tim Matranga

Welcome to the Memorial Day Weekend! We'll hear some LATIN SOUL and BOOGALOO for starters and then move on to SOUL, ROCK N ROLL, and PSYCH. Tune it in!


60Rock & 60S Soul & Folk & Psych

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Sunday 5/25/2014 @ 10:00PM - 12:00AM
Ricardo Ray Nitty Gritty Let's Get Right Dow Alegre
Ray Barreto Wipeout Fania
The Gilberto Sextet Good Lovin' Cotique
The Gilberto Sextet Good Lovin' Cotique
Johnny Colon You Gotta Love Me Boogaloo '67 Cotique
Ray Barretto Teacher of Love Acid Fania
Big Lou Canteloupe Island Tortilla Funk Lazarus Tex-Mex/Funk
Marvin Holmes & the Uptights Ooh Ooh the Dragon Uni
Tortilla Factory Cokin' & Tokin' Cokin' & Tokin' Falcon
Sugar Pie DeSanto The Whoopee Brunswick
Blossoms Wonderful Ode
Laura Lee Ripoff Hotwax
Jean & the Darlings How Can You Mistreat the One You Love Volt
The Girls Mark My Word Memphis
Ike & Tina Turner You Can't Miss Nothing You Never Had Sonja
Bill Woods Go Crazy Man The Other Side of Bakersfield Bear Family
Jimmy Johnson All Dressed Up Starday
Corky Jones (Buck Owens) Hot Dog OSB1 Pep orignly 1956
Rudy Tutti Grayzell You're Gone
Joe Hall & the Corvettes Bongo Beating Beatnik Global orgnly Bakersfield 1959
Merced Blue Notes Bad, Bad Whiskey Galaxy
Surfaris Mystic Island Drums Hit City 64 Decca
Competitors 426 Super Stock Barefoot Adventure Sundazed Gary Usher 4-Star Sessions
Mach V If I Could (plus Scum.. Intro) Scum of the Earth Sound Stories Associated labl, TN
Seeds She's Wrong s/t BigBeat bonus track on RE of 1st LP
Ragamuffins Two Much Bonniwell Music Mach early Sean Bonniwell
Music Machine Affirmative No BMM BB/Warner
Challenger's Emily s/t Mariel
The Orange Wedge From the Tomb to the Womb Blue Fat Owsley orgnly rare MI garage psy
Boston Tea Party Rose in the Night Vogue Int'l
Stained Glass Inside Ouch A Scene In-Between BB
The Zoo From a Camel's Hump The Zoo Presents Chocolate Moose Sunburst prod by Ed Cobb
Penny Arkade Love Rain Not the Freeze Sundazed w/Chris Ducey & Craig Smith, rel Matreiya Kali
John Ylvasker Who Cares For the City Cool Livin' Avant Garde
Mike Batt Fading Yellow Fading Yellow Flower Machine UK Liberty
The Pipe Dream The Softness of July Wanderers - Lovers RCA Victor
Perhacs, Linda The Soul of All Natural Things The Soul Of All Natural Things Asthmatic Kitty
Numbers Band, The About The Eye Game Jimmy Bell's Still In Town Exit Stencil
Electric Eels Jaguar Ride Jaguar Ride HoZac
Croissants, The 2 Killer We're In The Basement Hella Mad