Raise the Dead

The Blasphemer

breaking out a lot of the old...

also premiering new track from 66crusher


The Metal

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Saturday 5/24/2014 @ 12:00AM - 2:00AM
Enslaved Suttungs Mjod Blodhemn Osmose
Helheim Viten Og Mot (Sindighet) Heidindomr ok motgangr Karisma Records DA/Dark Essence Records
Helrunar Schwarzer Frost Baldr Ok Iss Lupus Lounge
Uvall Books Of Devastation - Anno 1888 Obsidian Torment Blackmetal.Com
Sykdom I Am God Mjollnir BlackMetal.com
Gospel Of The Horns The Trial of Mankind A Call To Arms Invictus
66Crusher Place To Hide single US radio premier
Storm Noregsgard Nordavind Moonfog Productions
Fog By This Axe We Rule Through The Eyes Of Night... Word War III
Taake VII Nattestid... Peaceville
Killgasm The Smell Of Stolen Innocence A Stab In The Heart of Christ Moribund CD release party MAy 30th at On The Y, Sacramento
Diocletian Cleaved Asunder Gesundrian Osmose
Urgehal Invasion Through Thick Fog Till Death Southern Lord