Augmented Fish Reality

DJ Gl0 Worm & Purple Hayes

Sleek, smooth synths sing today's salutations in the form of weird electronica and synthpop



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Wednesday 5/21/2014 @ 9:30AM - 12:00PM
Laurel Halo Chance of Rain Chance of Rain Hyperdub
Actress Our Ghettoville Werk Discs
9 Lazy 9 Electric Lazyland Electric Lazyland
Grasscut Meltwater 1 Inch/1/2 Mile
Shigeto Detroit Part 1 No Better Time Than Now Ghostly International
MMOTHS Summer (feat. Superhumanoids) MMOTHS
Seefeel Polyfusion Quique
Cabbageboy Planet Genetically Modified Ntone/Ninja Tune that break beat makes me feel special inside
Atoms For Peace Reverse Running Amok XL Recordings
Wagon Christ Bend Over Receiver
Caribou Leave House
u-Ziq Taikon Chewed Corners
Squarepusher Beep Street Hard Normal Daddy Warp Records
Matthew Dear Shy Asa Breed Ghostly International
Baths Fade White Ocean Death Anticon
Endemic Void Inner Daze Knight Moves
Red Snapper Don't Go Nowhere Our Aim Is To Satisfy Red Snapper Warp Records
Yppah Blue Schwinn Eighty One man picture link?
Blue Hawaii Try To Be Untogether Arbutus My giant teddy is my daddy <3
Indians Reality Sublime Somewhere Else 4AD
Sixtoo Part 4 Duration
Peaking Lights Beautiful Son Lucifer Mexican Summer Nikkeh's an awesome person. She makes you laugh. She's really funny. just plain awesome..
Liars I'm No Gold Mess
Suuns Minor Work Images du Futur
Hexstatic Robopop Rewind Ntone Methadone Man
Van She Jamaica Jamaica