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Tim Matranga

Rest In Peace, Demian Bell, AKA Dennis Tobell of the band Maypole. They released a truly great LP reissued by Anopheles Records called "The Real." Karl Ikola & I interviewed him on KDVS on 2007.


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Sunday 5/18/2014 @ 10:00PM - 12:00AM
Rufus Thomas Tiger Man (King of the Jungle) Sun
Various Artists Kirby Sisters - Red Velvet Sun Record Company Volume 1 Sun Recordings
Doctor Ross Chicago Breakdown Sun
Howlin Wolf Oh Red Chess
Mississippi Fred McDowell Kokomo Me Baby I Do Not Play No Rock N Roll Capitol
Bo Diddley Bo's A Lumberjack Bo Diddley & Company Checker
Ervin Rucker Done Do the Stomp Astra
Mack Allen Smith Skeleton Fight
Rusty Bryant Moonlight Garden Stomp Dot
Little Johnny Taylor Big Blue Diamonds Soul Full of Blues Fantasy
Wayne Cochran I'm in Trouble Goin' Back to Miami Ace
Danny Woods 90 Days In the County Jail Smash
Richard Anthony No Good Swan
Margie Hendrix One Room Paradise Mercury
Sheila Freguson Are You Satisfied Swan
Freddy Scott Pow City Marlin
James 'Preacher' Ellis Put Your Hoe Ty My Row
Lonnie Youngblood Go Go Shoes Fairmount
Wheels Road Block Road Block Big Beat
Groundhogs Shake It English Freakbeat
Cavemen Purple Haze Pre-Kraut Pandemonium 9
In-Betweens Girl, I Am Your Evil Witchman
John Deen & the Trakk Who Knows
Driving Stupid Green Things Have Entered My Skin, Gladys Horror Asparagus Stories Sundazed
Machine Gun Kelly's Rejects I'm Going Back Before Birdmen Flew 2
Bonniwell Music Machine Gimme Gimme Bonniwell Music Machine Big Beat recent 2cd
Maypole Stand Alone The Real R: Anopheles RIP Demian Bell
Demian Bell When You Can't Feel Nothing No More
Maypole Glance at the Past / Show Me The Way / Henry Stared The Real
Andwellas Dream Midday Sun Love and Poetry
Moonrakers Not Hidin' Anymore Together With Him Shamley
Christopher Disaster s/t Metromedia
Drive Thru Mystics Live on KDVS playing June 6th with the Sloths at Old Ironsides
Trouble Makers That's Funny All Right Swingline
Missing Monuments Ghost Hwy Blast! Slovenly
Dwight Twilley Band Burnin Sand Shark b/w Burnin' Sand HoZac
Neighbours What Did You Say? Prime Numbers Get Hip
Mark Radice Save Your Money
His Electric Blue Voice Reminder Ruthless Sperm Sub Pop