Apartment 5

baby d


it's yr man.

baby d.

you know the drill.

let's do this huh?

- baby d 


Altrock & General Monday Morning Vibes & Indiepop & Shoegaze & Twee

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Monday 5/12/2014 @ 9:30AM - 12:00PM
Close Lobsters I Kiss the Flowers in Bloom
The Ferrymen Stop Bending Backwards
Martha Clatty Harriet
Sleepwalkers Honey Hunter
Playing for Time It's Over
The Bridge Believe in Love
Tugboat Next Year's Words All Day Library
Bronze Presence of Greatness Presence of Greatness The Bus Stop Label
Dean Wareham Holding Pattern Dean Wareham Double Feature
They Go Boom!!! Age of Innocence The Summer's on its Way Dolphin 7
Dogbreth New Friend Sentimental Health No Idea!
The Leaf Library The Greater Good 7777777 Singles Club WIAIWYA
Viet Cong Oxygen Feed Cassette Mexican Summer
The Paper Ornaments Summer's Gone Slumberland
Beverly Band Honey Do
Trick Mammoth Candy Darling 7777777 Singles Club WIAIWYA
Beware the Dog Waste of Space
Adult Dude Fantasy Adult Dude EP adultdude.bandcamp.com
Young Romance Pale Pale Banquet
The Legendary Hearts Everything I Have In A World Like This Surfin' Pict
Small Factory Sensible For If You Cannot Fly Vernon Yard
Start! That Shallow Petit-Bourgeois Thing
Comet Gain Skinny Wolves Tigertown Pictures Kill Rock Stars
Happydeadmen Ralph De Bricassart Grimsby Fishmarket 4, Norrkoeping 0 Records From the Cookie Nose Tower
Grey Gardens Strange Love greygardens.bandcamp.com
Dignan Porch TV Shows Nothing Bad Will Ever Happen Captured Tracks
Slowdance Boyfriend Boyfriend White Iris
The Steinbecks Homesickness Kick to Kick With the Steinbecks Matinee
The Danny Says If I Had a Heart Different Strategy Cloudberry
Sourpatch What You Already Know Stagger & Fade Happy Happy Birthday to Me
Doctors Children Blessed Is the Man King Buffalo Restless
Smog Drinking at the Dam A River Ain't Too Much to Love Drag City
Pastel Blue Two Blue Flowers soundcloud.com/pastel-blue
Wild Ones It's Real Keep It Safe Top Shelf / Party Damage