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This week, we interview Pamela J. Peters, a self-described multimedia documentarian and cultural consultant for Native American films in Hollywood. Pamela is doing some exciting stuff, including her 2014 project, Exiled NDNZ: the series.

Check our her website for more info:

Check our her IMDb page as well:

And her facebook! 

Other resources mentioned by Pamela:

Vision Maker Media:

First Nations Experience TV:

San Francisco American Indian Film Festival:

ImagineNative Film Festival:
The Exiles:

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Tuesday 4/29/2014 @ 8:30AM - 9:30AM
Various Artists Colors of the Wind (End Title) Pocahontas Walt Disney Records Performed by Vanessa Williams
Various Artists Just Around the Riverbend Pocahontas Walt Disney Records Performed by Judy Kuhn (straight from the movie!)