Tractatus Radio-Philosophicus


"What happend to me last night?" said Tom. Joe replied: "You hugged everyone."


Ambient Black Metal & Chill & Electronic & Future Garage & Gabber & Happy Hardcore & Psybiant & Psychedelic & Psytrance & Trance

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Wednesday 4/23/2014 @ 4:00AM - 5:00AM
DJ S3RL Happy Hardcore Tonight
Scooter Endless Summer
Force and Styles Field of Dreams
Dune Can't Stop Raving
Lipstick I'm a Raver Single Cyberspace Records
Gammer Nostaligia Nostaligia EP
Bang! Shooting Star Dancemania Speed Vol. 1
DJ Paul Elstak The Promised Lansd
DJ S3RL Pretty Rave Girl
Daddy DJ Daddy DJ Let Your Body Talk
Timstah Happy Hardcore Mix Wonderfull Days, I'm a Hippy, etc.