Lady Troubles


ghosts of ladymen


Dark Pop & Garage & Punk & Riot Grrrl & Surf Rock

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Wednesday 4/16/2014 @ 2:00AM - 3:00AM
Discount On the Tracks Wonder Pulled Me Under EP Liquid Meat 1996
Quix'O'Tix Prediction of a Crash S/T 7 Ixor Stix 1999
Pohgoh Chapel of Ghouls All Along New Granada
Fisticuffs Bluff Digital Fisticuffs Bluff Troubleman United 2000
Helium Oh the Wind and Rain Dirt of Luck Matador 1996
Throwing Muses Pools in Eyes The Fat Skier Sire 1987
Friends Unseen Drowning Act The Usual Dillema 7 Subjugation 1998
Pretty Girls Make Graves If You Hate Your Friends, You're Not Alone S/T 7 Sub Pop 2002
Emily's Sassy Lime Bait & Switch Emily's Sassy Lime Kill Rock Stars 1996
Red in Reverse Emptyspaces:brokenplaces split with Lucid Nation Kill Cupid 2000
Bangs The Magician's Assistant Mailorder Freaks 7 Kill Rock Stars 1999
Partyline Trophy Wifey Zombie Terrorist Retard Disco 2000
Fuzzbox Preconceptions We've Got a Fuzzbox Geffen 1986
Poly Styrene Talk in Toytown S/T 7 United Artists 1980
Algebra Suicide Little Dead Bodies Little Dead Bodies 7 1987
Religious to Damn Falls Down Again Falls Down Again M'Lady's 2009